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Holly Roach, original founder of Green Productions Resource, wrote an excellent article about producing your movie, TV show, or commercial in a safe and GREEN way.

Check out this article “Green Filmmaking Is A Verb” for some enlightenment.

Edible Green Roof

Edible Green Roof

I just loved the idea that Green Roofing could be taken so seriously!  While there is nothing like this in Hudsonville, I think we could get something started.

All jokes aside, Green Roofing is actually helping the world in which we live.  According to the EPA, it can save you tons of money every year.  Let me know if you have this kind of roof on your house.  Let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Welcome to Green Production Resource

Going Green

The term “going green” has been floating around for years and some people have even attached a bad connotation to the phrase.  For me, going green simply means that I try to live my life in a way that conserves our natural resources.

going green

Welcome to my Green Production Resource.  We will provide helpful information about the motion picture industry’s use of Green Productions.  Producing TV shows, movies, and commercials can be a wasteful process.  Through better understanding, every production can be green.

Also, we will learn more about the green movement, as well as reviewing the use of green products for your homes and business.  With a little knowledge, you can decide if you want to live a green lifestyle too.

Picking up where Holly Roach left off, GPR is dedicated to helping the movie industry provide green sets and cutting down on the waste created by most productions.

Thank you!